Hello – welcome to tinybottleliving.com!

A little about me – I work in Tech Support in a corporate setting. When I started in tech support, I was overwhelmed with a capital “O”. Everyday was a mental marathon. I was older (and more female) than all my coworkers. It was a struggle to keep up. I knew I could learn the technology if I worked hard enough, but my physical and mental state started to decline with the stress.

At one of my low points of exhaustion, I discovered the power of essential oils. The first blend I tried was En-R-Gee and I noticed a difference in my energy levels overnight. Suddenly I was at the same job with the same stress, but I had the energy to focus and do my best. I started to add other oils to my day – Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Brain Power, Lavender and others. They all had a positive impact and helped me to perform at my best. Fast forward two years later and now I am a top performer on my team!

I can honestly say that essential oils have made a positive impact on my work life and home life as well.

My hope is that everyone feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or tired will try essential oils. They are the SECRET to a life of vitality!