DIY? Honestly I would rather shop

When I first heard of DIY projects with essential oils, I thought “ugh, no”. Really who has time for that? I am at the grocery store anyways, I will just grab some Seventh Generation. At least it is better than Clorox. Right?

Then my essential oil collection started to grow. I found myself naturally wanting to expand my use and knowledge of the oils. I had learned enough to know they were little power houses just waiting to bless me and my family. But how could I use them to the fullest?

Then one day scrolling on Facebook, I found a little recipe for DIY bathroom spray. And I actually had all the essential oils needed in my collection!

Before delving into essential oils, there were a few chemical-laden products I didn’t like anyways. One was bathroom spray. Yes, store bought air fresheners could take away bad smells, but they always left a chemical residual smell I never cared for. Bad smell gone – slightly worse smell remained.

Thankfully that would soon be in my past. My first essential oil DIY project ended up being much simpler than I thought. And way cheaper than anything I could buy at the store that was 100% plant-based, all-natural, chemical-free,  and strictly 100% goodness.

Without further delay – here is a great recipe to try in your own home. This lasts us about 2 months. Enjoy!


1/4 cup filtered water (I use water from my fridge)

Pinch of salt

20 drops of Purification ($0.15 x 20 = $3.00)

5 drop of Bergamot ($0.11 x 5 = $0.55)

5 drops of Germanium ($0.17 x 5 = $0.85)

2 drops of Lavender ($0.09 x 2 = $0.18)

Total cost: $4.58 (that comes to $2.29 per month for an all-plant, natural, good-for-the-whole-family product!)

Click here to watch live demo on Facebook

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