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I can’t remember a time when my emotions worked in my favor. Generally they either distract, distort, confuse, or even outright lie to me.

I remember lots of red faces when I was a kid. Just about everything embarrassed me. Then someone would say “look, your face is red”. And then it would turn 5 shades deeper.

I remember anger that blinds and switches off my logical brain. Anger that caused me to say things I regretted.

I remember being upset at things that weren’t even personal to me.

Emotions are generally not my friend. I learned to suppress them over the years by eating. Overeating is unhealthy on so many levels, the least of which were my clothes no longer fitting. As I have gotten older, I have learn to manage them better. But I still would not call them friends.

Essential oils are my friends though. They effect my emotions in the best of ways.

Stress feels more manageable when I use Stress Away or Lavender. Anger doesn’t control me when I use Release. Anxiety doesn’t overwhelm me when I use Peace and Calming. Appetite doesn’t overpower me when I use Slique combined with Slique Tea.

Essential oils don’t numb the emotions away; we have them for a reason. But they do make them more manageable.

Thank you EOs!





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