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My Indoor Garden

Essential oils drew me in at first just because they made me feel better. It was really that simple. Then I started sharing the oils with others and realized I knew very little. I am trying to make that right by educating myself about the science behind them. But at the end of a long day, they still just make me feel better.

One of the beautiful characteristics of the human race is that one human can express a thought that exactly describes what another human is feeling. A beautiful reminder that we are more connected than we realize. I often run across that in books. Oddly enough, my human touch on essentials oils came from a chemistry book. “The Chemistry of Essentials Oils Made Simple” by David Stewart, Ph.D to be exact.

Dr. Stewart reminds us that we were created to live in a garden, not a home. I had never thought about that before. Maybe Adam and Eve made little huts, who knows. But their everyday lives were enjoyed in a garden, healthy and fresh and full of aromatic flowers and plants.

My life, on the other hand, is 2 computer monitors with eye screens (because a human can’t stare at that artificial light all day without straining the eyes). More artificial light. Looking at a tree through a double-pane window. I work remote so at least I get to go barefoot. That is about the only nod to natural that I get. I suppose I could somehow work outside. But then I would have to give up my climate control and Keurig.

Then from stage left enters the essential oils. They gently remind me how I can feel living in the garden. Except they don’t demand that I give up my modern life. No, they allow me to keep all my modern conveniences and still feel every day the benefits of aromatic flowers and plants.

So there you have it. If you ever see any of us crazy oil ladies and gent’s oiling up in front of you, don’t freak out. We are just stepping back into the garden for a brief moment of happy.

PS: There is plenty of room in the garden for you too.

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