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Stressed? Tired? Freaking out?

You don’t have to study aromatherapy or naturopathy to start using essential oils. Most of the blends are named so you know exactly what they are good for. Stress Away and En-R-Gee are part of my weekly arsenal to enhance my days. I break out the Peace and Calming on special occasions when I need a little more relaxation.

Essential oils come in singles too. Those can be used alone, or you can explore your creative side and create your own blends.  The plant compounds in essential oils works with our bodies to enhance wellness and life.

When I reach for Stress Away essential oil for stress I am not reaching for ice cream or donuts or whatever else we use to self-soothe. I am training my mind and body to use a healthy coping mechanism that helps relieve stress without negative consequences.

That’s a win-win-win in my book.

Stress Away comes as part of the Premium Starter kit which allows you to be a Young Living member and purchase EOs at wholesale prices. That kit is the beginning of a happier-making-better-decisions you. Click HERE to get started now.


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