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Tiny Treasure Chest

When I first started with essential oils, I had the 11 that come with the Premium Starter kit plus En-R-Gee (still a fav!) and Surrender (for personal reasons). I remember thinking “wow, that is a lot of oils”. My friend who introduced me to essential oils had many more! In my pre-oily days, it was a bit of a mystery.  I lived my days without oils and was just fine – so what do I need with all these anyways?

I am drawn to them. Every day, I am drawn to them more and more. The more I learn and the more experiences I have with essential oils, the more I want. They are my “treats” that don’t make me fat or unwell. They are my “indulgences” that don’t fill up my closet with stuff. They are an investment in my wellness, both physical and emotional. My wellness then spreads to all those I come in contact with – my husband, my colleagues, my friends. I live better with essential oils.

I don’t look at my collection now and think “what do I do with all these?” I look at my collection now and think “I need a bigger treasure chest”.



  1. I feel the same. Am brand new. I am financially depleted.
    I want to purchase oils the best and most practical grades..evin if it takes a very long time.

    1. Hi Maureen, thanks for your note! You are definitely not alone. Some of my favorite essential oils like Lavender are pretty reasonably priced wholesale. Since you only need a 1-2 drops usually they last a long time too. I pray you get your collection going despite challenges! Have you heard of Sarah Harnisch and her book called Gameplan? She is YL Diamond now and started out pretty depleted herself. EOs can bring so many good things in life I am finding.

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