Valor Take 2

Funny how an appreciation for a particular oil can change. I didn’t understand the hype for Valor until I needed it. I am still not a great fan of the scent. I still am learning (and questioning) the frequency thing.

But Valor came through for me on my last move.

Two moves prior I threw out my back while moving. During packing, I noticed my back getting sore. There was so much work to be done though, so I just ignored it and kept going. I thought it would be ok.

Fortunately I threw it out at just the right time. The boxes were packed, the moving truck was packed, and we were on the road. We stopped at a rest stop just outside of town. I stepped out of the car and fell right back in. My lower back was done. I tried to force myself to stand and manage to climb to the trunk where my Advil was. My husband (driving the moving truck) came to assist. He helped me back into the car. I was able to at least move the seat up to a semi-comfortable position so we could continue driving. If I had to throw my back out, the beginning of a 3-day drive was maybe the best time.

Fast forward to the next move. I was determine to take better care of myself this time. My husband got a great new job offer several states away and had to start right away. That left me behind to pack up the apartment by myself. That meant this time I had even more work than before!

Every time my lower back started to get sore, I would massage a couple of drops of Valor in and rest. I would also apply some to the bottom of my feet. In between packing and resting, I would also stretch my lower back. By doing this I was able to finish all the packing and moving without incident. After a 2 day drive, we were in our new home with my body working as it should.

That is what I am coming to love about essential oils. It’s all about wellness and taking care of yourself, so that you can go about life’s adventures as God intended, healthy and thriving!




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