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Valor was apparently gone for a long time. One of the trees in the original formula was put on the extinct list; so no more Valor. This upset a lot of people. I am fairly new to Young Living, and I even heard of Valor without ever seeing it. Some people said they had stocked up before it was discontinued. Some talked much about how much they missed this essential oil. It is, so I read, a favorite of Gary Young, the founder of Young Living.

What is this stuff? What about it inspired such love by so many people? Did it contain gold flecks? Magical properties? Did it just smell that good?

I got my chance to answer these questions. Valor returned! And with a bang. Gary Young found an alternative to the extinct tree that was just about identical to the original formula. Those who had the original and the new said they were identical. EVERYWHERE people were talking about Valor! Man, I couldn’t wait for my order to come it. I could finally see what all the fuss was about.

My order arrived. I unboxed my tiny bottle, unscrewed the cap, and took a big whiff. How I wish I had not done that. I am sorry Valor; I just don’t get it. It doesn’t even smell good.

Now, I love my oils. I use oils everyday. I even love Ginger, which is a little stinky as an essential oil.

But Valor- it is hard to describe the scent. It’s a sweet, woodsy scent. The sweetness makes it almost smell like rotten wood to me. I doubt I will be putting Valor on my Essential Rewards order anytime soon.

But the question remains- why do so many people love it? What am I missing?

One clue is something I heard in a video by a Young Living Diamond Member. She said some essential oils didn’t smell good to her until she did the “work” that the oil was for.

Sounds a little hooky, but I don’t wan’t to dismiss new ideas so quickly. What I think she means is that, for example, Valor is suppose to inspire feelings of courage. It also encourages spine alignment (something about its frequency matching that of the spine- stuff I know nothing about but again don’t want to dismiss right away).

I generally consider myself a brave person. I can tackle new cities, new jobs, new situations, even when I am afraid. And I don’t have back problems.

Maybe Valor doesn’t appeal to me because I don’t need it? Or maybe I am not always as brave as I think I am? I haven’t done much in terms of Essential Oil classes. My excuse: I am still learning.

Maybe there isn’t a deeper meaning behind it. Maybe everyone smells essential oils differently, and this one just didn’t appeal to my smellers.

Whatever the case, Valor goes back to the end of the line for me. Cypress, on the other hand, would be ordered by the gallons if they offered it so. 😉




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