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What’s the opposite of weekend warrior?

My weeks are when I have to put on my warrior face, not the weekend. My job is Stressful, emphases on the STRESS and the FUL. That’s why I started with essential oils in the first place. I needed a boost, and like now.

Which brings me to these tiny beauties….Brain Power, En-R-Gee, and Stress Away. I rub Brain Power and En-R-Gee into my temples and/or bottom of my feet in the morning before work. Then I roll on Stress Away mid-day.

The difference between a day without EOs and a day with EOs is like limping over the finish line vs being the wide-grin winner tearing through the ribbon. Without the oils, I am tired by mid-afternoon even with caffeine. With the oils, I get tired around 9-10pm, which is like normal. It’s like that commercial from my high school years…”this is your brain on drugs” with the egg in the frying pan. Except for me it’s “this is your brain without essential oils”.

They are really that good.

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