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Diffuser Love

I think I was most excited about the diffuser when I ordered the Starter Kit. I had already ordered a few oils as a retail customer, so I knew I would like the oils. But the diffuser was exotic! My starter kit arrived on a Friday. I had plans to diffuse all weekend long. I even had my oils lined up.

Well, turns out it’s not your grandma’s diffuser. I was expecting a candle-like thing that I could just switch out scents all weekend long to enjoy. The problem with that is that these oils don’t just smell nice. I keep forgetting that. Rather I am still learning. They actually do something. And diffusing was quite intense at some points. When the instructions say “diffuse up to one hour”…it means “don’t diffuse longer than that”. Even my husband was asking me to take a break. These aren’t just tiny bottles of “smell goods”.

They say “essential oils are potent– start low and go slow.” This is true of diffusing. I reduced the number of drops I used (small living room and such) and set the timer. Then I enjoyed my diffuser in appropriate amounts. And look forward to the next day when I can choose a new oil to diffuse.

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