Slique – Can Weight Loss come from a tiny bottle?

Oh how I wish it were that easy! Dab on a little oil and be on my skinny, merry way. I have been obese since I was about 12 years old. Almost every (mostly unsolicited) weight loss tip has failed. It failed; I failed. It’s just failure that left me fat. I have found a couple of reprieves in my life. The most recent was a 4 year stint in Lose it for Life – a terrific, group therapy approach to working through why I overeat in the first place. I lost a ton of weight with LIFL, but it started to creep back after leaving the group.¬†Wish I didn’t need a group, but I do. Like all addicts, I will always be in recovery.

But can I find what I need in a tiny bottle? It’s still TBD. So far, I am not sure about this oil. While other EOs have amazed, dazzled, wow’d me…this oil just doesn’t seem to have an obvious effect. Major disappointment, to say the least.

I don’t want to discourage you from trying it, but I want to be honest with my EO journey. Not all oils are for everyone. This could work wonders for you. But for me, my issues with food go beyond hunger and appetite. And the solution to my issues with food apparently go beyond this tiny bottle. Or maybe I just need to give this oil more time to work? For now, it’s in TBD status in my life.

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