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My journey with essential oils was born out of necessary. Desperation even? I was tired. I started a new job in Tech Support and was tired and stressed to the max. Everyday felt like a losing battle. Was I just getting older? Am I too old for this new job? I need to exercise- I’m too tired to exercise. I need to eat better- I’m too tired to care. These are the thoughts that swirled my head. In the meantime, my beautiful friend on Facebook was sharing her oils and looking refreshed and lovely. Maybe she has better genes than me? Or maybe there is something to these oils?

One day I just decided to try. I ordered En-R-Gee, for obvious reasons. It arrived on a Wednesday. I mixed a few drops of olive oil with a couple of drops of En-R-Gee and rubbed into my feet and temples. Then went to bed. When I woke up, I felt….good. I used more of the oil and went to work. I went to the same stressful job as yesterday, and felt…better.¬†Friday was the same story…more oils, more feeling better. Maybe there was something to these oils?

It was the boost of wellness I needed. Why suffer when wellness is within reach? I decided to try more oils to see what else would be beneficial. And that is why we are here.



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